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A dentist using a dental tool to examine a female patient's mouth.

Our services encompass all regular dental procedures including dental checkups, crowns, bridges and veneers. These services are available for both private and NHS patients. A call-out service is available in the case of emergencies.

Dental care

Smiling woman reclining in a dentist's chair.

Looking to put a sparkle into your smile? We offer a comprehensive array of cosmetic dental treatments ranging from tooth whitening and stain removal to white fillings. Many of our cosmetic dental treatments are practical as well.

Cosmetic dentistry

Tooth paste being applied to a tooth brush.

Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is as important as ensuring that you receive the correct treatment for dental problems. In addition to dental services, we offer a dental hygiene service. Call us today for more information.

Dental hygiene

Professional dental treatments for private and NHS patients

A friendly, comfortable and professional dental surgery is something which we would all like but do not often get. If you have had experiences with a dentist which were painful or unpleasant, give Kings Heath Dental Practice today. We understand that coming to the dentist isn't a comfortable experience. We've always made sure that we're friendly and welcoming, so don't worry if you're nervous. Offering both regular and cosmetic dental treatments, we've got the expertise to help no matter what dental care you require. Call us today for more information.
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